A very nice day !

Tuesday 11th Feb
Departure at 11am for Agnès and Thierry, starting with exit of the Mataura River estuary in centennial flood. “Sportive” passage in a brownish water bar. Agnes capsizes and returns to shore without damage for her second go. Thierry gets through 1.5km of sandbars, using side surfs, back surf and Eskimo roll. Long loneliness time for him, looking for Agnes in a 3 meter swell. She finally appears. He didn’t believe it.
Then, slow progression against wind and current. They realize that Agnes’s kayak stern is underwater. They land at 6 p.m. and find that both kayaks rear compartments are full of water. It seeped through the hole in a missing rudder screw. Despite the hundred maps and many clothes wet, spirit is still alive, it could be raining!

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